The Collector, Philip McCarthy

In his own words.....

"I have over 30 years in a career as a specialty sales rep for Merck; an avid road cyclist having climbed mountains in France (Alpe d’Huez, Mont Ventoux) and an underwater photographer and videographer.

Over the years as a specialty pharmaceutical rep, making visits with pharmacists  and physicians alike, I built a rapport and would be gifted many an old book that belonged to someone’s father when they were a physician or brass microscope belonging to their great grandfather, who was once a physician.
Pharmacists were especially giving whereby, after years of relationship-building, I would be invited to the basement of the pharmacy to pick away at anything that I could find that I found interesting.  I gathered quite the collection of old artifacts over the years and pharmacists appreciated my love for history of their profession as they continued to tell stories early in the day, events that they experienced.  My knowledge and interest in apothecary and medical history ascended throughout the years.  I had collected an interesting collection of some 1000 antiquity pieces.
It's been an interesting journey finding the interest to set up and establish “Apothecary Images Inc.” and I hope you enjoy the historical collection as much as I enjoyed being The Collector."